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The Ringwraith Annihilation - eBook

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Subtitle: Challenges of Awakening to Love

The Ringwraith Annihilation is an excerpt of the final passages of the book "The Ring Annihilation".
The main change from "The Ring Annihilation" (version 2019) is that the world war threat is no longer assigned to the time of the Ring annihilation, but to the death of the King of the Ringwraiths.
While Tolkien's symbolism does not indicate whether or not a world war will occur in the course of the death of the King of the Ringwraiths, the interpretation comes to the conclusion through the comparison of various sources that another world war was originally planned for the second half of 2022. With this not occurring there is a growing probability that there will be no world war in the future either.
The interpretation is red-hot. The book shows why the global High Finance were likely to skip their world war and how they will continue their failing quest for total world domination.

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